Let's discuss how Meth works and how it affects your brain and personality.  Look at the diagram.  The brain is organized into discrete areas with specialized functions. 

The back of the brain is called the occipital lobe; it processes visual information from the eyes and forms the images we see. The back of the brain is your movie screen. when the lobe is affected by Meth, you see things that are not really there,  You see snakes on your movie screen.

The front of the brain is the frontal lobe, where you do your complex thought and reasoning.  You exercise judgment and plan for the future using the frontal lobe. When it is damaged by methamphetamine you have impaired judgment and will do stupid things.

The very front of the brain is called the pre-frontal cortex; it processes emotional information like love, fear, anger and happiness, what we call moods.  When it is affected by meth, you have emotional hallucinations.  You feel rage when there is nothing to be upset about, and terror when there is nothing to be afraid of.

The parietal lobes are on the sided of the brain.  They control movement and sensation, the sense of our location in space.  They control the muscles of the arms and legs, and the sense of feel. When affected by methamphetamines, they cause the sensation of bugs crawling on your skin.

The mid-brain structures are the center of the personality, who you are as a person, your self-control, your strength of character.  They contain your temper, ability to love someone, your sex drive, appetite and sleep cycle.  When personality centers are damaged by meth, you become a different person, moody and irritable, anxious and depressed.

The picture on the top is a PET scan of the brain on meth.  The  left brain is a normal brain with red dopamine transmission through the mid brain.  In the second brain, there is little to no red transmission through dopamine pathways in the midbrain.  All the transmitters have been disconnected.

That means the central brain no longer has control over the rest of the brain.  You no longer have control over  mood and emotions.  You have personality changes, you are paranoid, you are irritable and grouchy.  You have twitches and tremors and muscle spasms. You have nightmares and can't sleep. You have panic attacks that go on for days and cravings control your life.

The connections in your brain are eventually restored after about a year off of meth.  that's how long it takes for cell to make new dopamine receptors.

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